This is me…

Hi. I’m Tara, self-confessed food lover.

I live in Sydney, New South Wales (originally hailing from Perth in Western Australia) and have spent a lot of timedate with a plate travelling throughout Australia and overseas. I’ve been all throughout Cambodia and Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, a very long list of European countries, the United States and taken the time to explore my own beautiful country. The best part about my obsession with travel is indulging in my love of food.

Like most people who choose to blog about food, I love it. Actually I would reason that I spend a majority of my day thinking about it. I love how food brings people together, celebrates culture and cures all manner of ailments.

I’ll also admit to having a problem with dessert. As my boyfriend will tell you – I’d happily devour dessert before mains should the opportunity present itself.

I love to cook for my family and friends, it brings me great pleasure to see them enjoying a meal together. Not simply for the food, but the experience – the laughter, wine and conversation that accompanies any great meal, its special and should be celebrated. I believe food brings people together.

I like to take an honest and simple approach in the kitchen and love sharing my creations with you. So if you like what you see, come along for the ride. I must confess – before you continue, I don’t always get it right – in fact I’m all about getting it wrong in the humble pursuit of finding that drool-worthy, stomach filling, and food coma plate of homemade goodness.

Here you will discover recipes – mine and others – all of which tell a little story about a little piece of my life.


 *Photo courtesy of Mad Love Nation

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  1. Love your blog Tara, your ideas are fantastic and inspiring. Each post offers something really different, which is why I just spent ages scrolling right to the bottom, hungry for more! Why are there so many fantastic food blogs hailing from Perth?! I must visit!


  2. Hi Tara, I totally agree that there is nothing better than a dinner party at home, with good food, good friends and good wine. Looking forward to having more of a browse through your site. Happy Cooking. Nicola

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