Honey ice cream with salted dark chocolate almonds

My friend Katey, owner and all-round sugar goddess at Little Bit Bakery, and I decided to have some fun in the kitchen over the weekend and got together for a full day of creative foodie collaboration. While we originally met in little old Perth, Katey now calls Melbourne home and if you live over that way you might want to drop her a line and order a cake – the girl has some serious sugar skills!

We share a common life, Katey and I, we both work in professional communication roles by day and by night we retire to our creative spaces (our kitchens) to bake, whip and lovingly develop our respective foodie endeavours. Sometimes people will ask me how I have the energy at the end of the day to test recipes and work on blogs posts, but for me (and I think anyone in our position can relate) it’s about creating a wonderful balance in your life where you can pay the bills and devote time to your creative side. It might sound like work, but when I develop pieces for my blog it’s more like play time…and the times when I look up at the clock on my kitchen wall and notice the little hand is beyond midnight I hardly even care, because I love what cooking/blogging/styling does for my soul. Cooking and blogging makes me an all-round happier human.

And on that note, it’s even more wonderful when you find people who share your passion for food. There’s something really rewarding about hanging out and collaborating with other creatives, they understand your perspective and don’t bat an eyelid when you’re perched precariously on your tip toes on an old wobbly chair trying to find the perfect angle for your blog shot. In fact, they’re probably the ones who suggested it.

My recipe for honey ice cream is Part One of our collaboration – me bringing the ice-cream (quite literally) to the yard and for Part Two, Katey will generously share her famous recipe for gluten free carrot cake. Part of the reason for collaborating was to learn from one another, and I can say hand on my heart that my baking skills are set to rise (apologies for the pun) after spending a day baking with this skillful lady. I’ll of course share some of those tips with you when I upload Katey’s cake recipe…because sharing is caring.

And I should really add a little shout out to my Dad, the Beekeeper, who ensures we have an endless supply of amazing organic honey. Thanks Dad, the stings are certainly worthy of the reward.

Serves 6 – 8

Honey ice cream with salted dark chocolate almonds

Honey ice cream with salted dark chocolate almonds

The list:

1 vanilla bean pod
2 cups heavy/thickened cream
1 cup full cream milk
1/2 cup honey (plus extra for serving)
1/3 cup slivered almond, lightly toasted
1 tsp salt flakes
1/2 cup dark chocolate buttons (cooking chocolate)

The method:

  1. Onto a piece of baking paper spread out your toasted almonds. Meanwhile, heat some water in a small pot over medium heat, place a heat proof bowl on top (without allowing the bowl to touch the water) and add your chocolate. Stir continuously until chocolate is completely melted. Pour chocolate over your almonds and sprinkle over salt. Allow to cool (and harden) in the fridge. Cut into small chunks.
  2. Cut the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape out the seeds, then add to a pot along with the cream, milk and honey. Heat carefully on a medium heat while continuously stirring. Bring just to the boil, then cover with a lid and allow to sit for an hour.
  3. When your ice cream mixture is cool, transfer to the fridge where it needs to be left until it is completely cold.
  4. Once your mixture is completely cold, remove vanilla bean pod and pour your ice cream mixture into an ice cream maker. Just before the ice cream is finished churning, add your dark chocolate almonds so that they stir through. Once churning has finished, store in an airtight container and allow to completely set in the freezer.
  5. Serve in a bowl with a drizzle of extra honey over the top, or in a waffle ice-cream cone.


*Ice cream should keep in the freezer for about a week…if it even lasts that long.
*As my ice cream recipe contains no stabilizer, it tends to melt faster than store bought ice cream…so better get eating quick, or else.

Perfect served in a waffle cone, just be sure to get eating before the honey gets running (all down your fingers)

Perfect served in a waffle cone, just be sure to get eating before the honey gets running (all down your fingers)

Honey comb fresh from the hive, supplied by my amazing Dad...sorry bees.

Honey comb fresh from the hive, supplied by my amazing Dad…sorry bees.

The salted dark choclate gives a wonderfully adult flavour to this sweet ice cream

The salted dark chocolate gives a wonderfully adult flavour to this naturally sweet ice cream


  1. Ahhhhh!!! This looks amazing. I have always wanted to try honeycomb fresh from the hive! Need to make that happen. Love the idea of ice cream. I was gifted an ice cream maker once, it was a contraption that I never knew how to use. Glad your recipe looks easier 🙂 Have a great weekend! x

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