Watermelon and jamón salad

I love watermelon and jamón so it’s not a complete shock that I have tried out a few dishes which combine these ingredients. Initially you might think its strange to mix these seemingly different ingredients, but there’s something about the salty jamón and the sweet juicy watermelon that go so well together. Throw in a few other essentials and you have yourself an effortless Summer salad to serve alongside almost anything.

Now if you don’t have access to a good quality jamón – feel free to substitute for an equally good quality prosciutto. It’s the salty thin slices of meat you’re after and both varieties will deliver a similar result. Jamón is usually available at a good quality Italian deli, the ones with the cold cut meats stacked orderly in a glass fronted display. The delis where I forget I only went in for a tub of olives and somehow leave with three bags full of everything but what I originally entered for.

A cold beer goes down very well alongside this salad. You should give it a go, I dare you.

Serves 4

Watermelon and jamon salad

Watermelon and jamon salad

The list:

400g watermelon cut into bite sized cubes

2 large handfuls of rocket

6 slices jamón, torn into smaller strips

50g Asiago cheese*, finely sliced

6 pickled green chilies, finely sliced

Small handful of sunflower seeds

Olive oil


The method:

  1. Into a large bowl place the watermelon, jamón, chili, sunflower seeds and cheese, combining gently with your hands.
  2. When ready to serve, toss rocket lightly through salad and drizzle with olive oil. Season to taste. Serve immediately.

*Asiago is a beautiful cheese from Italy. However, if you can’t find it, you can substitute for Manchego, or omit completely if neither are available, it will still be a great salad – I make it both ways.


A great Summer salad with a difference

A great Summer salad with a difference


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