Ricotta hotcakes, grilled banana & Greek yoghurt

I love pancakes, hot cakes, crepes and waffles – basically anything that falls under this sweet breakfast umbrella. I’m not fussy about the toppings either, give me crispy bacon or fresh fruit any day of the week, just don’t waste my time with imitation maple syrup, I only like the real deal all the way from Canada. Its liquid gold…seriously.

When I make hotcakes (stacked at least three high), I want them to be fluffy, light and delicious. My version is all of those things packaged up in one sweet breakfast treat. The batter is so light and fluffy from the eggs whites that these babies are about 2cm thick, unlike some other recipes which are so dense after cooking that they resemble chewing on a tyre. I promise you, these are always a good idea.

Play around with the toppings too – there’s no rules when it comes to hotcakes. I love grilled banana and couldn’t resist a bag of fresh golden yellow bananas when I was at the shops, paired with the fresh strawberries it was an absolute marriage made in fruit heaven. But it needed something else to really top the stack off, so I experimented with some Greek yoghurt and ended up with a great result. Give these hotcake stacks a go next time your sweet tooth wakes up at breakfast time!

Makes approx 15 hotcakes (serves approx 4/5 people)

Ricotta hotcakes with grilled banana and my special Greek yoghurt

Ricotta hotcakes with grilled banana and my special Greek yoghurt

The List:

1½ cups ricotta

3/4 cup of milk

4 eggs, seperated

1 cup plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

50g butter

3 bananas, cut into lengths

1 punnet strawberries, cut into chunks

4 Tbs Greek yoghurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1½ Tbs honey

Maple syrup


The Method:

  1. Combine yoghurt, honey and vanilla in a bowl and leave in the fridge until ready to serve
  2. Combine ricotta, milk and egg yolks in a bowl
  3. In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder and salt
  4. Place egg whites into a clean dry bowl and beat until stiff peaks form
  5. Combine ricotta mix with flour mix until just combined
  6. Fold egg whites through batter, using a large metal spoon
  7. Lightly grease a large non-stick frying pan with some of your butter and drop 3 tablespoons of batter per hotcake into the pan (try not to overcrowd your pan)
  8. Cook on a low heat for 2 minutes, then flip and cook for another 30 seconds. When you flip your hotcakes, add slices of banana to the pan and grill until hotcakes are ready to come out of the pan.
  9. Stack hotcakes (at least 3 high) onto a plate, top with grilled banana slices, fresh strawberries and a generous dollop of the yoghurt. Finish by drizzling a little maple syrup on top.


Your batter should be light from the eggs whites, be sure not to over work once they've been added

Your batter should be light from the eggs whites, be sure not to over work once they’ve been added

So simple, but so delicious

So simple, but so delicious


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