Jelly shots

I was recently faced with the awkward predicament of being told not to bring anything to a house party apart from a couple bags of ice to help keep drinks cold, this felt like a seemingly poor contribution for what was to be an epic housewarming for two of my dearest friends.

So I upped the ante – by bringing along trays of homemade jelly shots – but with a twist.

I traded the predictable small, plastic and boring shot glasses (which undoubtedly tend to explode onto your face when people attempt to squeeze the delicious alcoholic jello goodness out) with the modern, easily accessible and pretty orange jelly shot. This was such a fun idea and literally got the entire party pumped for a big night of dancing and laughing – I recommend trying this for your next crowd pleasing party moment!

The final, delicious anf fun product

The final, delicious and fun product

The list:

10 – 12 large oranges – I found the slightly greener oranges worked best
3 packets of Jelly (I went with one packet of raspberry, one of pineapple and one of passion fruit) – feel free to choose whatever flavours you wish!
1 1/2   cups vodka – you can use flavoured but plain works best in my opinion
3/4 cup white rum
1/2 cup lychee liquor
1/4 cup Chambord
1 cup boiling water

The method:

Cut the oranges in half-length wise and using a hand juicer – juice the oranges. With most of the juice gone you can use a normal spoon to scoop out the rest of the orange – I found the greener oranges served best for this task as the flesh came away  much easier from the pith. Be careful not to make any holes in the rind!

Now with your oranges flesh free – let’s make the jelly shot mixture!

Set your orange halves into a muffin tin – this allows the runny jelly to stay put whilst you pour it in and also it’s easier to transfer into the fridge allowing the jelly to set flat.

Let start with my first mix of raspberry jelly shots (pictured)

  1. Mix one cup of boiling water in with the jelly in a large Pyrex jug – allow all of the jelly crystals to dissolve. Stirring constantly for a couple minutes.
  2. Once dissolved, pour in ¾ cup of vodka and the ¼ cup of Chambord – this makes for an awesome tasting jelly shot (these were the crowd favourite of all three that I made)
  3. Pour the mixture into the orange halves – depending on the size of the oranges you could use anywhere from 8 halves to 12 halves
  4. Transfer into the fridge and allow to set overnight – this makes sure the jelly is easy to cut

    Jelly Shot 3

    Jelly set and ready to be cut – waiting patiently in my muffin trays for the final chop!

Repeat the above method for the other flavours but instead use the combinations I tried of:

  • Pineapple jelly, with vodka and lychee liquor
  • Passionfruit jelly, white rum and lychee liquor

When you are ready to serve,  cut the oranges using one hard press down with a sharp knife into halves, and then quarters. Most other sites show you to make boat shapes but I found that the jelly fell out – instead I did little triangle/pyramids which worked an absolute treat! Enjoy responsibly!

Jelly Shots 2

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